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 While I am here... What are the rules? (2)

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PostSubject: While I am here... What are the rules? (2)    Mon Jan 08, 2018 11:02 pm

Thank you for clicking the 2nd Message and continuing to follow the instructions as given, even though our forum isn't based around Social Interaction, or proper organization this is still your everyday forum. If the situation is serious enough than there are rules that will need to be followed in the time that you stay here. Rules may be added/subtracted as fair to everybody else in a beneficial way. Failure in able to follow these rules will give you a less chance to get out of the situation you were put in and lower our trust standings with you. You are agreeing to the TOS when you read this, and breaking the TOS will easily result in you getting in trouble.

1. Do NOT post on the forums/boards unless its the Question board

2. Chatbox is sort of open do not abuse it or troll, this includes posting your whereabouts.

3. Do NOT message a Administrator or Moderator, wait for them to message you. Unless its serious.

4. Keep Usernames and Avatars CLEAN.

5. Do not disrespect, lie, or dis cooperate with anyone heavily including Admins.

6. Do not pretend to be someone you're not.

7. Refrain from using profanity

8. NEVER avoid the situation or get away from it when you're available.

9. Handle things calm, do not flip out.

10. Do not avoid Questions asked from Admins

11. Do not bug Admins about getting unbanned unless completely necessary.

12. Do not register on this Forum unless you were Requested.
If you were already registered in trouble or not. Please do not ask to be deleted, however if you made it yourself please ask or you may be Questioned and looked into.

13. do NOT spam

14. Try to follow rules your forum has.

15. Dont message other members unless necessary.
Rules added later as they come to me.
If you break a rule and its not up there and not crucial it will be let slid.
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While I am here... What are the rules? (2)
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