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 Why did my forum Admin send me here? (1)

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PostSubject: Why did my forum Admin send me here? (1)   Mon Jan 08, 2018 6:31 pm

if you are here from a forum Administrator or Moderator and they didn't tell you what is going on than most likely you are in trouble and have done something wrong. Entoxicated Asperson is basically a forum jail; one of the many of course. Your forum Admin has concluded to send you here to be investigated, and asked questions about a certain situation. There are a few steps that are going to be taken apon your forced Registration or what is called Forum Slavery. It doesn't matter if you try to avoid the Situation all together as Entoxicated Admins wont even bother trying to talk with you and see whats up in fact it will just lead to the ban that you were originally sent for.

Please note the reason these are used, is because they have a multi Engine which means they can connect bans, registrations, to almost ANY forum. The reason for this is as when forums are transferred the Administrator panel will often glitch, the most popular one is the ban button in which case we come in.

Entoxicated isn;'t only here to scold you on what you have done bad before we ban you we like to hear and see the side of your story so we can ensure that the situation is being taken care of carefully, please note that as Entoxicated groups in five. Meaning we get Five users to deal with at a time; In doing so simple stuff like Inappropriate usernames and pictures probably wont be fretted over much, and will most likely be dealt with quickly so that we can deal with more serious inquiries. Most likely two things will happen if its something simple.

1. The situation will be dealt with Quickly
2. Responses will be slow, however one is more likely as we don't like leaving simple situations hanging

I would like to put out now that NO this is NOT a Community platform, and you can learn more about that in the other topics, this is used strictly for organizing bans. If a account has been created please do not ask for the account to be deleted, as if it is sent back later for whatever reasons that will help out the Mods extremely. If you are a user who stumbled across here and are not apart/sent here for any apparent reason PLEASE send a admin a message asking to delete the account; As it will happen. If you refuse this you will be messaged and questioned if we dont see you on the list we also may dig deeper into your backstory and connections as we do have the right to. If this is the case do not spend any minute further reading and ask for your account to be deleted. Attempting to delete your account whilst you are technically in 'Forum court' is a rule. And a serious one at that. Note: If you were sent here and ask then you will get in trouble, we have your username on a list that is accessible by us and your own forum Mods/Admins


You can read more about the steps that will be taken on that post. As many of the stuff we have mentioned. This is important we throw drabbles out just in case nobody proceeds to read the 'required' ones. We ask you do as it saves us a lot of time explaining, if you message a admin/mod asking about it, when you have already viewed this message (We have logs) we are simply going to send you back. As we aren't interested nor have the time listen to people being confused when its all laid out in front of your face. We wont allow aggressive behavior while you're here please remain calm at all times.

Whats that?
You were sent here when you did Absolutely nothing wrong?
Well.. I suppose it could be possible... if you believe this is the case go dig up the thread! We will help you as best we can to solve the issue along with a apology as mistakes do happen. DONT pretend like you are innocent, we will know and it's a waist of our time. So please just do your best to cooperate with us.

Remember, we are trying to be your friends and not foes...
however if you try to be our foe the situation wont work out with you.

All accounts connected here are banned, there will be no social interaction;
Users that have done nothing wrong will be kept here for the future but not banned; There will most likely be a check if you do
nothing wrong for a certain amount of time and then you will be deleted.

Once your account has been unbanned we will keep you here for a certain amount of time like above, but eventually you will be deleted from the forum as well.

Have a good day!

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Why did my forum Admin send me here? (1)
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